Sunday September 2 2018
CR7 is just the Juve icing

Juventus continue to grind out results the way they always have and Anthony Barbagallo is happy to wait for Cristiano Ronaldo fireworks.

Juventus notched up a third consecutive victory at Parma and, much like against Chievo and Lazio, it was hard-fought and far from convincing. Same old Juve under Max Allegri, you might say, but fans and pundits alike had expected something a little more exciting this season.

The 51-year-old Coach looks like he is yet again reverting to his pragmatic ways: grinding out narrow wins and placing less emphasis on attack. Since signing Cristiano Ronaldo, Bianconeri fans had envisaged their team would play a more entertaining brand of football, especially now boasting one of the world’s deadliest finishers.

However, the Juventus faithful must be patient and realise that Allegri is still trying to find the right balance in the attack. Some of Juve’s moments, particularly in the Parma match, may not have been pleasant on the eye, but the reigning Serie A champions are still accumulating important league victories. In fact, the Turin club is even winning games by starting Douglas Costa and Paulo Dybala on the bench.

But most importantly, Juve show they are more than just Ronaldo: they are a resilient unit, with every footballer playing their vital part.

Before many Juventini and Serie A viewers judge CR7 on his last three performances, one must understand that this is Serie A. Italian teams don’t play as open and often restrict space for forwards – making it difficult for even the best foreign strikers to find the net at times. And even though Ronaldo is scoreless after three games, Mandzukic is still providing the service upfront, ensuring that the Old Lady won’t see a shortage of goals.

While there is still room for improvement, particularly in establishing an attacking identity, Juventus still sit at the top of the Serie A standings. Cristiano Ronaldo can take all the time he needs to adapt, because this is no one-man team and they’ve got it covered with Mandzukic, Dybala, Douglas Costa, Federico Bernardeschi and the rest.

Those waiting for CR7 to make his mark are forgetting that this Juve cake was already fully formed. The Ballon d’Or winner was always meant to be the golden icing and once that’s set, we’ll be able to stand back and enjoy the view.

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as a Juve fan, I have enjoyed winning 7 titles on the run, and also the cup a number of times and doing well in the champions league, so thank you newAMC
on the 4th September, 2018 at 11:29am
Give it time we are only 3 games in. The attack just hasn't clicked yet. Once it does, the football Juve play will improve and Ronaldo will score (not that either really matter as long as Juve keep winning).
on the 3rd September, 2018 at 1:01pm
As usual,mister "football expert" NewACM with his subjective view on Allegri is trying hard to make Juve fans hate him.

Btw, I can smell your own definition of Allegri when he was at Milan.He has been evolving. Allegri and Juve is a perfect marriage.You need to update your information.

One more thing:"struggling in CL against lesser teams?"

Big teams, not just Juve, including Real Madrid, Barcelona, Muenchen, MU, etc were all struggling in CL. Will you deny that because you don't like him?
on the 3rd September, 2018 at 12:20pm
@ Dennis

Juve will mostly play every 3 days after International break, so rotation is inevitable. This Juve has no term of best players. Allegri's mantra is "Everyone is all important and must be ready when they are needed" and it's still working. So why do you complain? Don't you know all Juve players still not 100% fit? Juve won the game, dominated possession, none was injured and you still complain. WOW!
on the 3rd September, 2018 at 11:23am
I know CR7 still goalless but it's totally understandable considering the fact that he's still in adaptation phase (with new manager,team-mates,league,city,etc). But I'm more concerned bout our leaky defense TBH. It's ok for Juve to play boring and cautious football if they don't concede goals. But the fact that they played dull, but failed to keep clean sheet against the likes of Chievo and Parma is quite alarming (yes they got clean sheet against Lazio, but Lazio missed several good chances)
on the 3rd September, 2018 at 11:18am
Giancarlo C's Mom and other Allegri fans, you must like ugly, reactive, ultra defensive football and small-club mentality, and of course struggling in CL against lesser teams. Enjoy winning another scudetto because that's what Allegri is, a scudetto coach.
on the 3rd September, 2018 at 3:39am
Ronaldo scored 2 goals in his first 8 games in la liga last year. With his first in round 4. He also scored 18 goals in his last 10 la liga matches.
on the 3rd September, 2018 at 3:05am
I'll be honest I have moaned and moaned about this Juve team's style of play - that with our attacking talent the football should be much better etc. But let me help to change your outlook if you used to think like me:

this team now has simply too much talent to not play good football AND

just relax and smile at the fact that no matter how badly we are playing; no matter how many goals behind; no matter how many sendings off; we will always win in the league.

Try and appreciate that fact.
on the 3rd September, 2018 at 12:51am
Sorry but you cant question the coach if he is getting results. The trophy cabinet speaks for itself. As for quadrado playing rb. He played there before and we do not have to burn out our players as the rest of the loser squads do with no good players on the bench. Haters just need to shut up and enjoy this very very long juve ride lol. All this talk of anti juve hahahah nonsense. Max will find something that works sooner or later and tbh after so many years of winning i dont care if he doesn't
on the 2nd September, 2018 at 11:52pm
Juve r doing fine. They r miles ahead in terms of the way the club is run n their still winning their early games despite some big departures (n arrivals of course. ;) ) They usually take awhile 2 get going anyway. I'd like 2 c Szczney, Cancelo, Bonucci, Rugani(Chiellini) A.Sandro; E.Can(Matuidi) Pjanic, D.Costa, Dybala, Mandzukic(Bernardeschi); Ronaldo in a 4-2-3-1 n I hope Kean n Spinazzola get a chance 2 but I have faith that Allegri will find the right formation in the big CL games
on the 2nd September, 2018 at 11:06pm
Ronaldo will score 30 plus goals I have no doubt.
Allegri is a Juve legend. Sure he is so conservative and tight at times, I'm convinced he could make diamonds but the guy is a legend and will always, always have my utmost respect.
To some fellow Juve fans, who constantly complain. Please stop the whinging and moaning. Juve is in the most glorious period of her history. You should really try to enjoy it a little while it lasts
on the 2nd September, 2018 at 10:58pm
Yes Ron is 33 and has to adapt to a new team,another country,new league but it is a little concerning that he hasn't scored.3 games for him is 6-8 for other top strikers.I'm sure he will come good and Serie A need for that to happen to give it more credibility.
on the 2nd September, 2018 at 8:58pm
"Bianconeri fans had envisaged their team would play a more entertaining brand of football"

No, we haven't.

We know this is Serie A. Not La Liga, not the EPL.

Plus, entertainment doesn't only come from goals...

Having said that, Allegri does need to loosen up a bit.
on the 2nd September, 2018 at 6:16pm
@Giancarlo agreed. We shall wait as the proof will be in the European pudding, not Serie A. Allegri will have to forge the aforementioned attacking identity - something that has been sorely lacking at times, particularly since Pjanic and Khedira have 'led' our midfield.
on the 2nd September, 2018 at 1:41pm
It has more to do with how the other teams play! Serie A is tough and frustrating, Ronaldo is already learning that after just 3 games.
on the 2nd September, 2018 at 11:25am
teams raise their game against the champs but not all teams have managers like Parma's who will take off his best player when losing saying its because he didnt want that player injured. What was the point of Cancelo not starting but Cuadrado at right back? I'm no expert but my team will include Cancelo, Sandro, Bonucci, Chiellini, Matuidi, Can, Pjanic, Dybala, CR7 & Costa. Keeper is open to debate. Rugani plays for Chiellini from time to time as the latter picks up too many injuries.
on the 2nd September, 2018 at 11:06am
@Gian C ppl come on here to express their opinions just cos theyre different from yours doesnt make them so called experts. Just cos u r happy doesnt mean u r right. I do not understand the point in all of this rotation and not inclusion of new players as Dybala, Costa, Berna etc are still not putting in consistent performances so Allegri's plan is not working. Why not play your best players and get them used to each other's game? Do you really see this lineup winning the CL? In all leagues all
on the 2nd September, 2018 at 10:59am
Before "experts" will come here and giving a lecture how wrong Allegri is... he should do this, he should do that, blah blah blah... I want to express how happy I am to see THIS Juventus side. A well depth squad that has been missed by any Italian managers for so long. The last match is again another proof of all Serie A clubs take Juve as the game of their lives and this is a good thing for Juventus players especially new comers who can see now that in order to win you must work harder.
on the 2nd September, 2018 at 9:53am

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