Monday September 3 2018
‘Inter not easy for Barca, but…’

Barcelona director Ariedo Braida has warned that facing Inter will not be easy for his club but insists they fear no-one.

Barca and Inter were drawn together in the Champions League group stage, eight years after the Nerazzurri knocked the Catalans out of the semi-finals en route to winning the competition.

“Barcelona know they’re one of the best teams in the world,” the former Milan executive told Radio Rai.

“Games must be tackled in the right way. Easy games only exist in theory. You have to prepare well for every one of them.

“Of course, when you have players of a certain level like Messi and Coutinho. It’s clear and obvious that our task has been made easier.

“In football there are always surprises: that’s the beauty of the game. I hope Barca will beat both Inter and Tottenham.

“Barcelona can’t have any fear. We’re a team who know that matches must be tackled in the right way.”