Wednesday September 19 2018
Allegri: 'Ronaldo needed VAR'

Juventus Coach Max Allegri believes Cristiano Ronaldo’s controversial red card in Valencia is further proof the Champions League needs VAR.

“The lads did really well, as we had numerous chances even before Ronaldo’s dismissal, then we deservedly took the lead,” the Coach told Sky Sport Italia after a 2-0 victory.

“It was only natural that towards the end we allowed Valencia some more room, but Szczesny didn’t really have a save until the penalty in stoppages.

“Naturally, the tension rose even further with the red card. It’s not easy to play here, as Valencia are aggressive, the atmosphere is passionate and the lads above all did well to contain Valencia’s attacks.”

After Ronaldo’s red card, Allegri did not make a substitution, rather rearranging the players he had on the field.

“We were playing without an extra forward, so nothing changed. The one thing we should’ve done better was finding Blaise Matuidi between the lines, as he should’ve then drawn Mandzukic forward and Alex Sandro with him.”

The talking point inevitably is the Ronaldo straight red card, dictated by the goal-line referee after he seemed to slightly tug Jeison Murillo’s hair.

“I can only say that VAR would’ve helped the referee in this decision. Going down to 10 men in the Champions League for an incident like that is disappointing. We risked losing tonight with this and we’ll miss him for the next games too.”

Federico Bernardeschi had an excellent performance and provided several dangerous crosses.

“I was in trouble after last night’s training session, as everyone was in good shape. The only one I wasn’t going to start was Douglas Costa, as when something like that happens on Sunday (the red card for a spitting incident and consequent four-match ban), you get tense and risk hurting yourself.

“Bernardeschi has become a real Juventus player and one worthy of the big games in a short period of time. He has grown so much in his maturity and technique, so I have no qualms now about playing him even in the biggest fixtures.”