Saturday September 22 2018
Balague: 'Ronaldo desperate for affection'

Cristiano Ronaldo’s biographer Guillem Balague believes the star will find the “unconditional and unanimous affection” he craves at Juventus.

The Ballon d’Or winner was distraught after the harsh red card in his Champions League opener against Valencia, bursting into tears.

However, the reaction from teammates, Coach, the fans and even President Andrea Agnelli – who tweeted an image of the others lifting a weeping Ronaldo off the ground with the caption: ‘One for all and all for one’ – seemingly surprised him.

“The reaction to the red card was fascinating, because it proved how the clubs keep their champions in this wonderful bubble, a safe space where these players end up feeling like Gods on Earth,” Balague told the Corriere dello Sport.

“And Gods are by definition exempt from punishment. When this bubble is burst, the reaction is exaggerated and even violent. The problem is that these ‘aliens’ haven’t grown up in a normal environment. They mentally remain adolescents, because they must think of nothing other than playing football.

“Ronaldo wants to feel the devotion of everyone, for everybody to have faith in him, and recently that wasn’t happening at Real Madrid.

“This search for absolute devotion took him to Italy along with other aspects, including economic ones. Ronaldo was greeted with joy in Serie A not only by Juventus fans, but by everyone in the sport.”

Spanish football expert Balague has an interesting theory about what pushed Cristiano Ronaldo towards joining Juventus.

“Now, what is it that an adolescent desperately seeks out? Affection, obviously. He didn’t have a father by his side growing up and always sought out that figure during his professional career, from Sir Alex Ferguson to agent Jorge Mendes.

“In Italy, he has found the warmth of the fans that allowed him to fill that emotional hole. He has always sought unconditional and unanimous affection. In Madrid, Florentino Perez denied him that, but he rediscovered it at Juve.

“Perhaps Agnelli and Max Allegri can’t replace the figure of a father, but they will be able to say ‘no’ in decisive moments to aid his growth and maturation.”

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