Friday October 5 2018
'Italy want to ease Genoa pain'

Italy CT Roberto Mancini says the national team want to ‘ease the pain’ of the Morandi bridge collapsing when Genoa hosts their game against Ukraine.

Part of the bridge collapsed in August, killing 43 people, and Mancini spoke of Italy’s desire to help the people of Genoa as Marassi will be the venue for the Azzurri’s next friendly on October 10.

“They called me when the bridge fell. Initially I didn’t understand which one. Then it seemed like something impossible had happened,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

“Initiatives? The Federation has heard from the authorities and mayor over whether the circumstances could’ve brought inconvenience to this game, but it’ll probably ease the pain of the bridge collapsing.

“The Genoese people are strong when times are tough and they’ll come out of it all in a great way.

“The situation is incredible and we hope the national team will bring them joy. The Federation has decided to finance the studies of the nine boys who lost their parents.

“We’ll stop near the Morandi Bridge, where the authorities tell us to go, to make ourselves present.

“There will be many initiatives. In the 43rd minute of the first half, the game will stop for 30 seconds.

“There will be 600 displaced people in attendance, all of whom have been invited, then there’s the writing on the shirts...

“I think it can be a very beautiful thing, which will help remember this terrible tragedy. We hope the authorities do everything in the next two months.

“Genoa needs this bridge, millions of people use it. It connects Levante to Ponente.”

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