Tuesday October 30 2018
Bucci case re-opened?

The makers of RAI 3’s ‘Report’ claim an investigation will be re-opened into the death of Juventus fan Raffaello Bucci.

The Bianconeri ultra was found dead at the bottom of a viaduct in Fossano in July of 2016, with the death ruled as a suicide.

Report did an investigation into the illegal ticket touting involving the hardcore Juve fans, which aired last week.

Bucci had been working for the club, but was also co-operating with investigators who were looking into ‘Ndrangheta infiltration of the Curva Sud.

The club has never been accused of knowing that tickets supplied to the Drughi were being sold by organised crime, and were sanctioned only for selling more than the regulation four tickets per person.

Report stated that Bucci’s phone had been tapped by investigators, but a power surge meant that the three hours before his death were not recorded.

The implication was that he had been killed by the Calabrian mafia for co-operating with prosecutors.

“The Procura di Cuneo, which investigated the death of Raffaello Bucci, has ordered that his body be exhumed,” Sigfrido Ranucci and Federico Ruffo of Report stated in a live Facebook chat.

“There will be a new report and new witnesses will be heard.”