Wednesday October 31 2018
Zamorano: ‘This Inter is like mine’

Former Inter striker Ivan Zamorano admits “I see similarities” between the current side and the one he played for.

The Nerazzurri are six points behind Juventus in the Scudetto race, and in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport the Chilean was asked if he saw similarities to the title fight of 1997-98.

“Yes and no,” Zamorano responded.

“No, because this Juve has the strength of seven Scudetti, as well as a financial strength consolidated by time and victories.

“Yes, because I see similarities between the two groups. Mine was fantastic, Internazionale at the core.

“Today’s is still being born and the first two Champions League games, won with a comeback, have a decisive weight.

“This Inter is now aware that it can win and that awareness is being transmitted. On the night of the derby at San Siro there was a clear sensation, you could breathe it: Inter were going to win.

“As I was leaving the stadium I said I hadn’t seen a side I liked so much in many years.

“Napoli are proving that they can continue as they have been, but now Inter are at their level and believe they can at least cause problems for Juventus.

“If you play for Inter you need to have that belief, it was the same in my day and it’s like that now because battling with Juventus isn’t just a duty, it’s a pleasure.

“Inter have to keep doing that without saying so though, with their feet on the ground.”

Zamorano was also asked about the similarities between himself and Mauro Icardi.

“The hunger for goals. The ability not to touch the ball for 90 minutes and then score on the first good chance.

“The desire to always be lurking, with the right movement to score.”