Thursday November 1 2018
Cagliari: ‘Barella isn’t for sale’

Cagliari general manager Mario Passetti insists “we’re not interested” in offers for rising star Nicolò Barella.

The midfielder has been linked with Napoli and Inter in recent weeks, and his profile has only grown after some impressive performances for Italy.

“We don’t know what his price is and we’re not interested,” Passetti said on Radio Marte.

“We’re continuing the path of growth for the team, which is just starting to bear the first fruits.

“Nicolò is very important in that, he’s also very happy. After that I don’t know what will happen, but he’s only thinking out the present.

“There’s been some interest for a possible sale which we haven’t evaluated, we’re continuing on our path of growth and it’s right that it’s like this.

“There’s a friendly relationship with Napoli, we did the [Leonardo] Pavoletti quite quickly. We’re very happy because Leonardo is a strong player and an exceptional person, he puts the group first.”