Friday November 2 2018
Cagliari: ‘No Barella offers’

Cagliari sporting director Marcello Carli insists “nobody” has asked for Nicolò Barella, as they’ve made it clear they don’t want to sell.

The young midfielder is one of the rising stars of Italian football, and has been linked with the likes of Napoli, Inter and Juventus.

“He must continue to improve, because when you stop striving to improve it’s over,” Carli told Corriere dello Sport,

“He has 10 years with the national team ahead of him.

“Who has asked for him? No-one. We’re not ready to deprive ourselves of Barella, the President more than me.

“Many have thought about it and are thinking about it, sure. But last summer [President Tommaso] Giulini wouldn't even come to the table for big offers.

“It’s the same abroad, teams haven’t asked me. That is to say we want to keep him, and even if we can’t keep him it would be presumptuous to say it.

“Saying we want to keep him makes clear the club’s attitude.”