Wednesday November 7 2018
Valverde: 'Inter-Barca had everything'

Barcelona Coach Ernesto Valverde said the draw with Inter “had everything and was a great spectacle” worthy of the Champions League.

The Blaugrana are comfortably top and already qualified for the next round, but the 1-1 draw at San Siro has their lead at just three points.

“We’ll have to secure first place in the next two games,” said the Coach.

“That was our first objective, but we go home happy. Malcom had great success and we’re very happy for him, of course.

“There was a moment in the first half when it seemed like the game could become end-to-end and possibly suffer.

“We have to read everything very well. We’re a team who play close together and find space. Problems can always flare up, but we played well and it was a game that had everything.

“The objective is always to pick up three points. We always want the ball and have control of the game.”

Valverde was asked about reports that Barcelona were among clubs trying to break away and form a new Super League.

“I’m not aware of any plans for a European Super League, but the Champions League is a Super League. You could see it here. It was a great spectacle, like those that we played at Wembley or Camp Nou.

“Inter showed they could attack and be aggressive with their pressure. We didn’t give much away in the first game, like tonight.

“I don’t know how far they’ll go in the Champions League, but what’s for certain is that we all have to take them into account.”

Lionel Messi was again in the stands, as he only recently broke his arm and was not even given a spot on the bench.

“We couldn’t risk Messi. Training isn’t the same as playing. We talked about it and he understood.”

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