Monday November 12 2018
Ancelotti: ‘Too many insults’

Napoli Coach Carlo Ancelotti reiterates his beliefs about the atmosphere in Italian football - “abroad it’s unlikely you’ll be insulted, in England it’s impossible”.

The three-time Champions League winner said last week that there are too many insults in the stadiums, and he expanded on that at the FIGC’s symposium today.

“The thing that’s most lacking abroad is definitely the tactical aspect,” Ancelotti said.

“Italian football remains competitive in that regard, where tactics are thought over long and hard. The first time I was in England a found a different way of working among my staff and that brought me more knowledge.

“The biggest problem could be the language, because you don’t always have that direct and immediate connection with the players.

“Now football has become globalised, but abroad they’re more advanced in terms of infrastructure and on a cultural level than we are in Italy.

“Here we still treat football like a battle, abroad it’s unlikely you’ll be insulted, in England it’s impossible.

“In Spain there’s a strong rivalry among the teams, but there’s never this rudeness. We can improve a lot in Italy, it’s possible to suspend games, not just for rain…”