Monday November 19 2018

Spalletti: ‘No question about VAR’

Inter Coach Luciano Spalletti feels VAR “is no longer in question”, after a meeting to discuss the technology today.

The Lega Serie A held a summit with Serie A Coaches and referees to discuss issues with Video Assistant Referees, and the Nerazzurri boss explained what happened as he left.

“It was a very important meeting for future collaboration,” Spalletti told reporters.

“We talked about handball, pushing in the box and offside. The debate was about how to use VAR, significant progress has been made because its use is no longer in question.

“Now the controversy is about it not being used, if we talk about competitions without VAR then we understand that something is missing.

“In the games in which it is used there’s a calmness in the rest of the game, because you feel there’s no doubt about what happened previously. Before we took problems with us.

“We were told that it’s not good to have so many voices near the referee when they’re talking to the VAR room, so it’s clear that there will be more yellows for those who protest.

“The controversy is the opposite of what it was at first, before its presence was questioned and now we complain when it’s not used.”

One idea is to give Coaches the ability to request a VAR review, much like the Hawk Eye system in tennis.

“No, if we put too many things in we risk having more stoppages, which is something which actually needs to be limited.”