Sunday November 25 2018
Mazzarri has history of health scares

Walter Mazzarri has been ordered complete rest by Torino medics and won’t travel to Cagliari with the team, but it is not his first health scare.

The Serie A match is due to kick off on Monday at 19.30 GMT, click here for a match preview.

Mazzarri was taken ill on Friday evening after their training session and the 57-year-old went to the Molinette hospital in Turin for tests.

Although he recovered quickly, the club medical staff were still concerned enough to sign him off work until more tests could be completed.

This means his assistant manager Nicolò Frustalupi will be on the Toro bench tomorrow evening.

Mazzarri has been ordered complete rest and to stay away from the stress of Serie A, because this is reportedly not the first time he’s dealt with a scare like this.

La Nazione newspaper points out he had a very similar issue in November 2012 when in charge of Napoli, spending the night in hospital and reportedly undergoing an angioplasty – keyhole surgery to insert a stent widening a blocked artery.

Even before that, in October 2010, Mazzarri did not attend a post-match Press conference following Napoli’s win over Roma, citing a “drop in blood pressure.”