Monday December 17 2018
Mazzarri: ‘Make youth players mandatory’

Torino Coach Walter Mazzarri feels Serie A squads should be limited to 22 “with four or five Primavera players”.

Clubs are currently allowed to name a 25-man squad, a total toward which Under-21 players don’t count.

However, the Granata boss would like to see that reduced further in an effort to promote young Italian players.

“There’s a tendency to build squads without thinking of enhancing players, for example the best of the various Primavera squads,” Mazzarri said at the Golden Foot.

“For example, we found ourselves having to bring loan players to pre-season and that closed the way to three or four young lads I wanted to stay with us.

“Sometimes when there are new cycles and new paths that isn’t taken into consideration.

“In my opinion you should make a squad of 22 players with four or five Primavera players who, training with the first team, can grow and train with champions.

“It’s definitely a motivation, and we Coaches can give them something more than what they learn in the youth sector.”