Tuesday December 18 2018
Buffon: 'PSG a gift from life'

Gigi Buffon called Paris Saint-Germain “a gift from life” and assured it’s “wrong” to make the Champions League an objective. “I’ve been trying for 24 years!”

The goalkeeper surprisingly left Juventus at the age of 40 and signed a new two-year deal with PSG.

“I had decided to retire. In my mind, I thought the only option was if Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid or Barcelona had come calling,” he told RMC.

“They were the clubs I considered crazy, a dream that wasn’t really worth thinking about seriously. So I was already organising my post-football life.

“Yet this call arrived in May. I took two weeks to think about it, because if I make a promise and give my word, I want to do it well. I don’t like to embarrass myself.

“After a little introspection and analysis, I thought to myself, I can do another year or two and I can do it well.

“I think PSG will be my last club, because this was a gift to me from life, a reward for behaving professionally. I want to stop playing at a top level club. I never considered going to another country, as I started at a top level and want to end at a top level, that is for sure.

“As soon as I met the directors, they said our objective is not to win the Champions League, because over seven years we’ve realised this is really difficult. You can’t set that as a target, but we have the ambition to improve, that is true.

“Paris Saint-Germain reached the quarter-finals, so the objective is to take a couple more steps forward and keep going that way.

“I have been trying for 24 years to win the Champions League and never won it! So I know how hard it is to have just that objective, and above all how wrong it can be to have just that as an objective.”