Thursday December 27 2018
FIGC: Inter-Napoli ref was 'perfect'

FIGC chief Gabriele Gravina insists Paolo Mazzoleni officiated ‘perfectly’ during Inter-Napoli and that ‘if players left the field then it would break the rules’.

Napoli boss Carlo Ancelotti warned his side would walk off if another of their players were racially abused after Kalidou Koulibaly, but Gravina made it clear clubs had to ‘respect’ FIGC regulation.

“We all have to take some responsibility and keep the tone low,” he continued to Sky Sport Italia.

“We must have faith in the institutions. These continuous attacks aren’t good for football and the balance of our game.

“We must all be quiet: Mazzoleni applied the rules perfectly yesterday. Some statements haven’t helped the climate.

“If players left the field then it would break the rules, followed by a negative result for their team.

“That seems obvious to me: I understand everything, the needs to protect the dignity of players and avoiding these negative stories.

“However, let’s not forget that there are rules, which need to be improved. We must demand not only application but also respect of these norms.

“If not then it’d be like the Wild West.”