Friday January 4 2019
Manslaughter charge for Belardinelli death?

It’s reported the man whose car struck and killed Daniele Belardinelli could face a charge of voluntary manslaughter.

Ahead of the Boxing Day fixture between the Nerazzurri and Napoli, a group of home fans, along with thugs from Varese and Nice, ambushed a visiting supporters’ bus.

Balerdinelli was linked to the Varese ultras, as well as some far-right groups.

The bus was hit with bars and metal sticks, and at least two fans were stabbed before the assailants tried to flee from the scene.

At that point, Daniele Belardinelli, 35, was struck by a black SUV and later died from his injuries in hospital.

While it was first assumed that the collision was an accident, Corriere della Sera reports that the Volvo station wagon is owned by a leasing company registered to a Neapolitan.

When questioned by investigators, the man who drove the car and the three ultras who were with him first denied having been in Milan on December 26.

They then admitted to having gone to San Siro for the game and ending up in the middle of the trouble, but denied killing Belardinelli.

According to the newspaper though, the driver tried to remove traces of blood from his car and that raised the suspicions of prosecutors.

The man could therefore be accused of voluntary manslaughter, which is when a defendant is accused of deliberately killing someone, but their actions are mitigated by adequate provocation.

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