Thursday January 10 2019
Calabria: Higuain is Milan's Ronaldo

Davide Calabria claims that while Gonzalo Higuain is ‘having a tough time’ right now, the Milan striker is ‘our Cristiano Ronaldo’.

Higuain has scored just six Serie A goals this season and is being linked with Chelsea, but Calabria made it clear the Argentine was key to Milan’s hopes against Juventus in the Supercoppa next Wednesday.

“I played a lot in 2018 and I have to thank my Coach Gattuso for the continuity and space he’s given me,” the right-bacl told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“The Supercoppa? It’s difficult to face Juventus, but they’re not unbeatable. It was also seen in Doha two years ago: they were the favourites, but games always start at 0-0.

“I told my agent that I’d never seen a striker like Higuain. He’s very good and always done well wherever he’s played.

“Is there a problem with him? No, there isn’t. He’s having a tough time, which can happen, but he’s our Cristiano Ronaldo, given us prestige and something more to the team in general terms.

“He’s won a lot and he has so much experience. Maldini? He’s an idol. I’ve always said and thought that seeing him gives me something more, even in training.”

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