Wednesday February 6 2019
Scaroni: No Milan-Inter hatred

Paolo Scaroni confirms Milan will work with Inter to deliver a new-look San Siro as ‘unlike in Rome, the fans don’t hate each other.’

Scaroni already announced Milan and Inter were thinking about building a new stadium to replace San Siro, but the Rossoneri President is also open to the Giuseppe Meazza being renovated.

“It’s a beautiful stadium, but we have so many things to do,” he told reporters.

“We’ve launched this project together with Inter. Unlike in Rome, Milan fans don’t hate Inter fans. I don’t think that’s the case.

“I already said I’d supported Inter in their Champions League match against Tottenham. We don’t have this antithesis in Milan luckily.

“Now we’ve launched this stadium project together and I believe in it very much. We’ll have the most beautiful stadium in the world.

“We haven’t presented a project yet, only planning. There isn’t only the stadium, there are also other things to address.

“We’ve presented an overall proposal, the two hypotheses being a new stadium or the modernisation of San Siro.

“We want Milan to have a great stadium and make Milan the capital of football. Perhaps a new stadium would be easier, but there are also large-scale renovations like Anfield.

“We’ll know more going forward.”