Thursday February 7 2019
Ceferin: New FFP in the works

Aleksander Ceferin has revealed plans for the ‘second phase’ of Financial Fair Play after being re-elected as UEFA President.

News of Ceferin’s second term comes as no surprise, given he was unopposed and essentially handed another four years by default.

The 51-year old became UEFA’s seventh President in September 2016, replacing Michel Platini who was implicated in a corruption scandal.

He identified ‘unity, hope, respect and solidarity’ as the key elements to his strategy, mission and activities during the next term of his presidency.

Ceferin also issued a statement to the likes of Inter and Milan with regards to the future of FFP.

“We’ll adapt the financial fair play rules to establish a new European balance in which everyone can find their rightful place,” added the Slovene.

“The initial objectives of financial fair play have been achieved. European clubs are financially healthier than ever, the problem of debt has been sorted out in many countries, and unpaid debts owed to clubs, coaches and players seem to be becoming nothing more than a bad memory.

“Now it is time to move to the second phase of this major European project, in consultation with the ECA, so that every European club can exploit its full development potential.”

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