Saturday February 9 2019
Farmers trap Cagliari squad

The Cagliari squad has been trapped inside the training ground by local farmers protesting milk prices.

The Sardinians were meant to be at the airport so they could fly out for tomorrow evening’s Serie A game against Milan at San Siro.

However, the players have been stuck inside the Asseminello training ground with all the exits blocked by around 100 local farmers.

It is part of a wider protest all over the island against milk prices, where they pour jugs of milk on to the roads and park their vehicles to stop traffic.

Police have arrived to negotiate with the protestors, who are demanding to speak to the players, Coach Rolando Maran and club representatives.

They wanted the club to abandon the game with Milan and not make the trip.

Director general Mario Passetti talked to the protestors and managed to negotiate a truce so the team bus could go to the airport.

The team was only allowed to leave after several players, including Nicolo' Barella, Alessandro Deiola and Joao Pedro, were filmed kicking over milk pails in a gesture of solidarity.