Sunday February 10 2019
Sarri: 'Don't know what to expect'

Maurizio Sarri insists he didn’t snub Pep Guardiola after Chelsea’s 6-0 defeat to Manchester City. “If the President calls, I’ll be happy, seeing as I never hear from him.”

This evening’s 6-0 result was the heaviest ever Chelsea defeat in the Premier League and they were 4-0 down in the opening half-hour.

“We’ll need to find the explanation for all this over the next few hours,” Sarri told Sky Sport Italia.

“My sensations before kick-off were good, as they were during the week. We conceded a stupid goal in the opening minutes that affected us for the whole game.

“Manchester City play fantastic football and I saw an extraordinary team. We had a total blackout.”

Sarri has always been very close to Guardiola with their mutual appreciation a joy to see, so did the Italian really snub the offer of a handshake at the final whistle?

“I just didn’t see Pep, as at that moment I just wanted to go into the dressing room. Then, as I always do, I went to salute him afterwards.”

There are inevitably questions around Sarri’s future after this historic 6-0 result.

“Matches like this can leave a mark. It won’t be easy to get back on our feet after this. Football is also made of heavy defeats. At half-time, I told the lads that if we were able to react, we’d come back stronger than ever.”

Sarri was asked if he was expecting a call from patron Roman Abramovich, but the answer pointed towards the power structure at Chelsea.

“If the President calls, I’ll be happy, seeing as I never hear from him. To be honest, I don’t know what to expect.”