Tuesday February 12 2019
Buffon: Love Juve, but PSG...

Gianluigi Buffon has admitted that while he ‘will always love’ Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain gave him his ‘enthusiasm’ back.

Buffon spent 17 years at Juve before joining PSG last summer, and the former Italy goalkeeper credited the Ligue 1 champions for removing ‘negativity’ from his life.  

“My adventure in France? It’s been a beautiful experience so far,” the 41-year-old told La Stampa.

“Reprogramming myself with the enthusiasm I’ve put in has given me a lot and improved me.

“I took off after 40 years of living in a comfort zone and put myself back in play, both on the field and in life.

“Maybe people don’t believe me or think it’s rubbish, but for me a new language evolves me and broadens my mind.

“Why PSG? I guess they wanted me because I made my knowledge available, everything that I learned at a unique club like Juventus.

“The relationship with my former club? We’re like old friends. I’m fond of Juve, we’ll love always each other. Even our separation didn’t cause controversy. There’s great respect and esteem.

“My future? I’m still dreaming at 41. When you dream, it’s nice to see yourself in so many different situations.

“I need enthusiasm. Last year I thought about retiring but it created too much negativity.

“That's why I dream about staying on the field until I’m 80, when I’m an old man in goal with a walking stick and the No 1 on my back.

“At the same time, I’m aware that everything can end tomorrow. I don’t set limits, but I know that the bill will come sooner or later.”

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