Tuesday February 12 2019
Uva: 'CR7 gave Serie A credibility'

UEFA Vice-President Michele Uva hopes Serie A sides excel in the Champions League and Europa League, while Cristiano Ronaldo “gave Italian football credibility.”

Juventus and Roma are in the Champions League Round of 16, while Inter, Napoli and Lazio take part in the Europa League from the Round of 32.

“For an Italian like me, to see the Champions League and Europa League finals be all-Italian affairs would be the ultimate dream,” Uva told RMC Sport radio.

“There is the potential to achieve that, although there are some very strong sides out there. I am pleased that clubs are starting to realise the importance of the Europa League, as for many years in Italy it was snubbed and that lost us a lot of places in the UEFA ranking.”

Juve made their intentions clear this season by signing Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid.

“He gave Italian football a lot of visibility and credibility. People talked about Serie A as a transitory league, but his arrival is thanks to the long-term vision of Juve. It’s only the start, as they all have to build on it now.”