Saturday February 23 2019
Ancelotti: 'Bale too egotistical'

Carlo Ancelotti reveals the reason he left Real Madrid was a row with Florentino Perez over Gareth Bale’s “egotistic” attitude.

The Coach is currently at Napoli and has said they don’t score enough goals because they are too altruistic, but he warns there is a danger of going too far the other way too.

“Altruism in a squad is important, because if there’s something that drives me mad, it’s people who are egotistic in a match situation,” Ancelotti told Il Napolista.

“Those moments when a player really should pass the ball and he doesn’t. I paid for this in my own career.

“The reason the row with Florentino Perez exploded in Madrid was my substitution of Bale against Valencia. Bale should’ve passed it to Karim Benzema, who would’ve scored in front of an open goal, but instead he took the shot.

“I hauled Bale off and the chaos erupted. Perhaps excessive altruism is also a limitation in a striker, as he needs a bit of egotism, but not if it’s over the top.

“It seems bad to say this, but if Napoli’s forwards were a little more egotistical, we might get a few advantages out of that.”