Thursday February 28 2019
Icardi breaks Inter silence

Mauro Icardi has broken his silence with a cryptic statement. “I don’t know if there’s respect towards Inter and I on the part of those who make decisions.”

Icardi was stripped of Inter’s captaincy two weeks ago and has not played since, allegedly nursing a knee injury, and the Argentine commented on his situation via a confusing Instagram post.

“It’s at the most difficult times when true love is shown,” it began.

“It’s at those moments that I decided to stay at Inter, with Inter. When I felt that with my goals, I could help Inter get stronger, among many things.

“Stronger than the problems of FFP. Stronger than our difficulties, when so many wrote us off. At Inter. With Inter.

“And despite everything, I’ve always decided to stay. And for the love of these colours. I’ve refused offers that other players would’ve found difficult to refuse.

“I played with pain that brought me to tears after games, and the days that followed.

“But I’ve always insisted on forgetting any pain I felt, with the only objective of giving everything I could to help these colours. At Inter. With Inter.

“For my LOVE of the Nerazzurri colours because there’s only Inter. I’ve showed my children that hope must be maintained.

“I’ve taught them winning is difficult but that doing it with Inter has a unique meaning, that only a true ’interista‘ can understand and feel. My children’s eyes don’t lie.

“I realised my dream, I realised the dream of all us ‘interesti’, returning to the Champions League, with the team I was captain of. Because I’ve always felt and transmitted love for these colours.

“I’ve always disapproved of those who, at the first opportunity, tried to leave the club. I respected the fans, my teammates, the club and all the Coaches that have come and gone during my time here.

“I’ve collaborated with the club, both on and off the field, whenever a new player has arrived, showing them that only with passion can we reach our objectives.

“I know what love is for Inter and the Inter fans know this because they’ve seen how I’ve suffered, cried, fought and finally rejoiced in these colours. At Inter. With Inter.

“But like I said, all my sacrifices were made for the love of these colours, while respecting everyone.

“I don’t know if, at this time, there is love and respect towards Inter and I on part of those who make decisions.

“I don’t know if there’s the desire on the part of someone to act and resolve things only and exclusively for Inter’s sake.

“Many things can happen in a family, good or bad. And out of love, one can stand for a lot of things.

“But respect must never be lacking. These are my values, these are the values ​​for which I’ve always fought. In my story. At Inter. With Inter.”



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