Friday March 1 2019
Mazzarri eyes Torino legacy

Walter Mazzarri is planning to ‘start a cycle’ at Torino and is proud that Inter are the only club who sacked him. “Even they recognised the good things I did.”

Mazzarri took charge of Torino in January 2018, going on to guide the Granata into European contention, and the former Napoli boss made it clear he ‘could only return’ to Serie A with the Granata.

“Tactical organisation is crucial for me,” he told Tuttosport.

“That’s because it allows the team to play much better. It improves the performance of individuals and the collective.

“During my career I’ve shown that I can send out a team capable of scoring lots of goals, even without a real goalscorer in the squad.

“It’s true that Belotti hasn’t scored too many goals so far this season, but so far we’ve had 12 different goalscorers. My football gives all my players a chance to score.

“What comes first? Defensive solidity. It’s a crucial pedestal that supports the attacking phase.

“I’m concerned about defensive solidity first and foremost because if you don’t score a goal, you can at least pick up a point.

“You can also hope to score in stoppage time. You must never demoralise yourself. I remember how all the teams who have won the Scudetto had excellent defences.

“However, they didn’t always have the best attacks. Good tactical organisation instils strength, confidence, calmness and assurance in players.

“During my career my teams have always done better than what people thought they would at the start of the season.

“Inter are the only club who have sacked me, but even they’ve recognised all the good things I did in retrospect.

“Starting a cycle at Torino? I hope so. I feel great here, but I won’t forget the hierarchies in place. I’m not the President.

“Cairo and I told each other what we wanted to do when we agreed terms a year ago. If I’, here, it’s because I want to do great things with Torino.

“I didn’t need to work at all costs after my experience in England. My decision was based on many factors.

“I could only return to Italy with Toro. They were the only team suited to me and they fascinated me.

“Cairo has been looking at me for 10 years, so if he took me then it’s because he also thinks I can do great things here.

“My career speaks for itself. Cairo knows who I am, how I work and what I can achieve with a good President. Which he is. In fact, we also talked about that before I came here.”

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