Tuesday March 5 2019
Life after Allegri

The rumour mill is in full swing over Max Allegri’s long-term future at Juventus. Is the Coach getting ready to walk away this summer? And who could realistically replace him?

Summer 2019 will mark Max Allegri’s fifth anniversary as Juventus Coach. That’s five years of fighting at the top of Serie A, trying to win the Champions League and dealing with superstar players and their superstar egos. Five years, a lot of trophies - and a lot of pressure too.

So it’s perhaps no surprise that the rumour mill is gathering pace and suggesting Allegri will leave Turin this summer, although a mooted switch to Inter would be out of the frying pan and into the fire. But five years at Juventus contains as much intrigue and incident as a lifetime at some clubs. He’ll leave with five Serie A titles - barring a disaster in the final 12 games - to go with the one he won for Milan in 2010-11. Only Giovanni Trapattoni has more. Juve have twice reached the Champions League Final under Allegri and, even though both were lost, it’s not as if the Old Lady have failed in Europe during his tenure either.

Always well-placed in the Champions League betting, the competition is almost a who’s who of candidates to succeed Allegri. Diego Simeone, mastermind of Juve’s Round of 16 opponents Atletico Madrid, would be a prime contender if not for his well-known Inter devotion and the lewd celebratory gesture when Jose Maria Gimenez scored in the first leg probably wouldn’t have helped either. If not Cholo, then who?

Reports this week from Italy describe Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola as the ‘dream’ appointment for Juve - and practically every club around the world. It goes without saying that Guardiola would be desired by the Old Lady, but it hardly seems realistic. Getting Simeone to turn his back on the Nerazzurri might be easier than getting Guardiola out of his Etihad Stadium home, and that’s not likely to happen either.

Juve will have to determine the profile of Coach they want. Will they go down the route of a big-name boss who almost guarantees short-term success, possibly in the Champions League, at the expense of long-term stability - and the expense of a fat contract - or someone who can take on the project, work within the existing structure and leave the club in at least as good a position as he found it? Jose Mourinho might be an example of the former, Mauricio Pochettino an example of the latter.

There’s also the romantic choice, the notion of Zinedine Zidane returning to Turin, brandishing three Champions League winners’ medals from his time on the Real Madrid bench and finally delivering the trophy after not being able to as a player. Zidane walking away from Madrid after only two-and-a-half seasons suggests his could be a short-term appointment too, but his trophy haul - he also won La Liga and a smattering of other prizes - suggests it could be a successful one.

Whichever type of Coach Juve go for and whoever is tasked with continuing the period of success that stretches back beyond Allegri to Antonio Conte, they’ll inherit everything the 51-year-old has experienced. The pressure at the top can be just as great as at the bottom, as Allegri could no doubt attest.

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As an Inter fan, I'd love them to appoint Filippo Inzaghi as the replacement. Seems Allegri (with his Beppe Marotta connection) is destined to be at Inter next season, though I think many Inter fans would rather see Simeone at the helm.
on the 9th March, 2019 at 6:21pm
4-3-3 is clearly the wrong formation for this Juve. Bonucci + Chiellini run like turtles so team can't press. Midfield are weak + can't move the ball. Big name FWs not fast enough to counter (CR7, Mand, Dyb)

Not sure whether this is Allegri stubbornness or other management (i.e. bet he's told to start Ronaldo + Mandzukic every match).

I'm hoping Juve advance to quarters, but seems both parties will split at the end of the season regardless.

Will Zizou be Guardiola at Bayern v2.0? Hope not.
on the 8th March, 2019 at 6:46am
Simone Inzaghi?
on the 7th March, 2019 at 2:01pm
Be happy there is life in Turin after G. Buffon.
on the 7th March, 2019 at 1:12pm
Without two world class middle field players and Chiellini’s replacement, no coach can take Juventus to CL glory. But I agreed jJuventus should let Allegri leave
on the 7th March, 2019 at 10:03am
You talk as if we are still building the project. Project is done, it is time to win the CL, not build on the project for another 2-3 years. We don't need a coach that is excellent at being the underdog like Simeone, Mourinho or Conte, we need someone that is excellent at managing attacking sides that dominate opponents, that is why we are rightly linked to names like Zidane and Guardiola.
on the 7th March, 2019 at 10:00am
Reading all this nonsense that Juve don't play attacking or stylish play is hogwash. The basics are not even being done under Allegri. They move the ball at a snail's pace with no intent. Slow, sideways passing that waists 85 min achieving nothing. They don't even know how to press effectively and force the issues. Get rid of this Allegri buffoon already!
on the 7th March, 2019 at 2:54am
doesn't matter who they bring in, juve will win 10 more serie a titles before lifting CL trophy.
on the 6th March, 2019 at 8:31pm
Zidane or Guardiola or Deschamps

Pirlo as assistant to prepare him as Juve's next long term manager.

No way Conte, big step backwards, what can he do that Allegri hasn't? He's only gone down hill since he left Juve, one season wonder at Chelsea, opted to pick a workman like Italy team and was praised for reaching EURO16 QF's (frankly he could've picked a more talented squad and maybe won the tournament). He complains to much, has a bad energy and his tactics of 532 have been sussed out.
on the 6th March, 2019 at 7:31pm
Simeone would be a terrible choice. The last thing Juve needs is another defensive minded coach with passive football. We already have Allegri.

It's either Zidane or bust.

Conte, maybe.. But I'm not so sure.
on the 6th March, 2019 at 4:13pm
History had shown that teams that plays slick and beautiful football don't succeed in serie-A barring SACCH Milan the innovator. Italy mentality is JUVENTUS motto " winning is all that matters" and that's why ANCELLOTTIS Milan never achieved much in Italy, BENITEZ n SAACHIs Napoli, SPALLETTIS n LUIS ENRIQUES Roma, ZEMANS Roma while on the contrary MANCINIS n MOURINHOS inter, ALLEGRIS Milan and Juve had won plaudits in Italy as much less in Europe. The reality is Italian football culture is Antithesis to beautiful football obtainable in SPAIN, GERMANY, ENGLAND and the NETHERLANDS which combines entertainment with victory! If juve dared to go for style they should forget domestic dominance and obscurity just like Ancelottis Milan and inters of De lima Ronaldo.
on the 6th March, 2019 at 6:28am
not reallya fan of guadiola football. so I hope it is Zidane. regardless of what happens we thank allegri but this season he has failed to play attacking football. I don't know why. he has some of the worlds best attackers and is afraid to go out and score goals. it is juve biggest detriment in the c.league
on the 6th March, 2019 at 6:28am
Simeone would be good but seems happy at AM

Guardiola will get them playing fine football but is a bit overrated and has been utterly hopeless in the knockouts of the CL for years now

Zidane is probably the best option and would bring a positive style to the team that Allegri seems incapable of unless they are losing and HAVE to do it

The Ajax manager, ten Hag, will be in demand now too, and they also play fine football

Allegi certainly knows the game, but he's just far too fearful
on the 6th March, 2019 at 4:18am
Zidane or Deschamps. Preferably Zidane, as Didier still has a great NT squad to coach in the Euro's which is still 1.5 years away. Pirlo going to the under 23 team could mean a coaching place for him with the big team in a few years.

Zidane would bring an even bigger presence to Juve along with Ronaldo and some new young star signings.
on the 6th March, 2019 at 1:48am
Instead of printing hogwash, why didn't the writer make a realistic comparison of the available coaches and the ones who can succeed at Juventus? Honestly speaking, Zidane is 99.99% the candidate, unless he does a U-turn and goes to another club like PSG for money. Deschamps did mentioned he'd love to check Juve, but it's hard to see him delivering us European glory. Nevertheless, it's clear, Allegri can go wherever he wishes, we've had enough of his ridiculous and useless self.
on the 5th March, 2019 at 11:19pm
MOURINHO and CHOLO are both interisti thus it's practically impossible to lure them even more so is PEP GUARDIOLA whose style of play needs a radical and holistic restructuring that cut across the board implying implementation of a football philosophy in every phase of the institution ( U10, U15,U17 and U20 n U23) as currently witnessed in Manchester city, more so is the director of football; SORIANO n Birgixt....who follows guardiola from Barcelona because they understood him and tend to make it easier giving him the leverage,time, money and resources to implement his idealogy.....all these factors make guardiola just a mere dream and fantasy for JUVE n JUVENTINI because they simply cannot afford him......all the same the writer must have been a juventini, wishing in his wildest dreams thinking...if Guardiolas wishes were horses Even a juve begger too will ride!
on the 5th March, 2019 at 3:56pm

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