Sunday March 17 2019
Ospina 'CAT scan clear'

Napoli confirm David Ospina’s CAT scan was clear and he did not lose consciousness, but had a “hypotensive crisis” following the head injury.

The goalkeeper received treatment for a knock to the head after a collision with Ignacio Pussetto just a few minutes into the 4-2 Serie A victory over Udinese.

Around 40 minutes later, he suddenly collapsed and seemed to be barely conscious.

He was taken to the hospital, which is only 1km from the stadium, and given a CAT scan.

A statement from the club this evening confirmed Ospina “did not lose consciousness, but had a hypotensive crisis resulting from head trauma.

“The CAT scan was negative. Ospina will be transferred to the Pineta Grande Clinic, where he will remain under observation for the next 24 hours.”

A hypotensive crisis is very low blood pressure, which is why he seemed to faint on the pitch.