Tuesday March 19 2019
Bernardeschi: Ronaldo ban crazy!

Federico Bernardeschi claims UEFA would be ‘crazy’ to ban Cristiano Ronaldo and that Italy need Juventus’ ‘belief in their strength’.

UEFA is investigating Ronaldo for ‘improper conduct’ after he mimicked Diego Simeone’s explicit gesture following Juve’s Champions League comeback against Atletico Madrid last week.

“I don’t think anything needs to be added,” Bernardeschi said at a Press conference.

“It’s something that I don’t think needs looking at, but [a ban] would be crazy. I think it’ll end there, that it was a celebration, a gesture. I always see him in a calm and relaxed manner, but we all are. I’m sure everything will be fine.

“We wrote a piece of Juventus history. We put the worth of the team in writing. I was very pleased to play in that game and that the Coach put his faith in me. I also tried to give everything on the pitch.

“A defeat is never good, but we went into it from a game that took a lot out of us physically and mentally.

“If we had to lose a game, it would’ve been the one against Genoa. Juventus never go out to lose.”

The midfielder has become renowned for his versatility, while he is one of the more experienced faces in Roberto Mancini’s squad, despite being still just 25.

“I think I can play as a central midfielder,” he continued.

“I have to play with my head and desire, getting to grips with the moves I need to make during the game.

“I can play there, but it’s up to the Coach. Where I play is secondary. An all-rounder for Italy? I’d like that a lot.

“I hope to become a leader. This is my objective and dream. We’re a great group in every sense.

“I believe we have plenty of prospects to bank on. Many of them are already ready to make the jump, but we mustn’t let them feel the weight of the Azzurri jersey.

“There’s pressure, but it’s only right that there is. Chiesa? He’s a very good player and he’s showing it. He can’t afford to let anyone get into his head and tell him what’s right for him. He’s improved a lot.

“We’ve already shown glimpses in previous games. We’ve created lots of chances, while playing some nice football.

“We’ve had fun on the field and I hope people have had fun watching us. We’ve scored only a few goals, but it’s better to create and score a few than none than at all.

“We need to gain a bit more experience, but we’re working on the right track. What would I bring from Juventus to the Italy set-up? Belief in their strength.”

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