Tuesday March 19 2019
Prandelli: 'Genoa the only real Derby'

Genoa Coach Cesare Prandelli insists the Derby della Lanterna is “the only real Derby in Italy and I can’t wait to experience it.”

The Grifone and Sampdoria go head-to-head at Marassi in what is often a fiery and tense encounter.

“I have to say, every time there is talk of the Derby, something swells within me,” Prandelli told Telenord.

“I don’t know if it’s anxiety or what, but when I meet families in the street who ask for a photo, they tell me: ‘Take the picture with me, because my wife is a Sampdoria fan. Don’t have her in it.’

“In my view, this is the only real Derby in Italy, for the way I see derbies. There is such commitment and desire to win, but above all it’s a Derby of family, and that is extraordinary. I can’t wait to experience it and, of course, to win.

“Genoa haven’t won silverware for a long time, but the fans must never stop dreaming. These supporters have history, prestige and culture.

“When you play, you always believe you can do it. Actually winning is difficult, but going for the win is always possible.”