Saturday March 23 2019
Juventus Stadium sold out for Women

The Allianz Juventus Stadium in Turin is sold out with 39,000 tickets snapped up for the Juventus Women’s game against Fiorentina.

This match, which kicks off on Sunday at 14.00 GMT, shatters the previous record for a women’s football fixture in Italy, which had been just 14,000.

The tickets to this game were free, but still had to be booked, while there are reportedly only 121 Fiorentina Women supporters who made the trip.

Women’s football has grown exponentially in Italy over the last few years, particularly since the games started airing on Sky Sport.

“For example, not everyone knows that the viewing share on Sky for women’s football is higher than Serie B or the English Premier League,” noted Milan Women’s team Coach Carolina Morace.