Tuesday March 26 2019
Kean's father: 'Juve owe me tractors'

Italy striker Moise Kean’s father claims Juventus “still owe me two tractors and now won’t give me tickets” to Serie A games.

The 19-year-old sensation came up through the Juve youth academy and just scored his first senior Italy goal.

“I thank God, as it is a great joy for the whole family,” Biorou Jean Kean told Rai Radio 1 show Un Giorno Da Pecora.

“I won’t be at the stadium for tonight’s game with Liechtenstein, but I’ll watch it in the bar with my friends and cheer him on.

“Moise supported Inter as a kid, because he loved Obafemi Martins and kept pestering me for his shirt. He played for Torino, but I sent him to Juve, because I am a Bianconeri fan.

“I am very happy for him, even if I have a problem with the club Juventus. They won’t give me any more tickets to the stadium. I am separated with Moise’s mother and she, in the past, wanted to move the lad to England.

“I promised Juve that I’d keep him in Italy, but wanted two tractors in return. They said it wouldn’t be a problem, but I haven’t received them yet, now they won’t give me tickets or even take my calls.”

Kean’s parents separated when he and brother Giovanni were very young, so they were essentially raised by their mother.

She has been named as the primary figure in the family, so it’s not clear how much contact Biorou Jean Kean really has with his now famous son.

“Mario Balotelli is his favourite player now, even though I told him not to copy Balotelli in everything… I don’t have Italian citizenship yet, although I’ve been here for many years. I really like Matteo Salvini and the Lega, so I am trying to help block new immigration to Italy.”