Wednesday March 27 2019
'Paqueta & Piatek no Kaka or Sheva'

Ex-Milan star Rui Costa is impressed with Lucas Paqueta and Krzysztof Piatek but insists they are not the new Kaka and Andriy Shevchenko.

Rui Costa now works as a sporting director for Benfica, and the former Portugal midfielder admits he tried to sign Paqueta before his move to Milan.

“I followed Paqueta in Brazil,” he told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Given the job I do, I know him well. He has great quality. I wanted to bring him to Benfica, but I couldn’t sign him: he was too expensive for a Portuguese club.

“He has quality and age on his side to grow and develop in a difficult League like the Italian one.

“He’ll be himself, as he should be. Kaka was a No 10, but he also had power that I’ve rarely seen in a No 10 and may never see again.

“He was out of the ordinary. He was Kaka. And Paqueta is Paqueta: I’ve seen him play as a central midfielder.

“Technically he’s very strong. He has a wonderful, velvety left foot.”

The 46-year-old was then asked about the other January arrival at San Siro...

“I know him less than Paqueta, but needless to say he’s a great striker,” he continued.

“I was surprised by his adaptability: he only spent a few months at Genoa but scored so many goals.

“It would’ve been easy to say that Milan, a unique club with unique history and huge pressure, was a complicated move for him or, at least, he needed time.

“Instead, it’s been nothing like that: he came in and has scored a lot, even in important games.

“It seems like he’s been there for a lifetime. He’s been impressive. But even in this case, making comparisons is useless.

“Piatek isn’t Sheva or anyone else, but he’s brought different solutions to Milan’s attack and solved many problems.

“I was lucky enough to play with great strikers and I can say that playing with them calms your nerves.

“You knew that in Sheva, Kaka or Inzaghi, you had teammates who, sooner or later, would settle a game because one of them would score.

“Piatek isn’t Sheva or Inzaghi, but he scores goals and solves problems.”

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