Monday April 1 2019
'Every city needs a new stadium'

Deputy Italy PM Matteo Salvini has declared that ‘every Italian city’ needs a new stadium.

Milan and Inter are both ready to demolish San Siro for a new, 60,000-seater stadium, but Salvini [pictured, left] claims he will pass new legislation to help other clubs build their own.

“We need new stadiums, not only in Milan but also every other Italian city,” he told Dire.

“I say this as Minister of the Interior. I’m a romantic, but Milan needs a new stadium. If San Siro then stays as a museum or an arena for concerts, that’s fine.

“As a minister I’m tired of committing thousands and thousands of women and men every Sunday in uniform to check what happens outside stadiums and inside them with old systems, without cameras, without exits or emergency access points.

“We’re working on a law that makes it quicker, easierand less expensive to build new sports facilities because families have the right to go and see a game in peace.”