Tuesday April 2 2019
Kean: 'Best response to racism'

Juventus and Italy star Moise Kean confirms his goal celebration against Cagliari was “the best way to respond to racism.”

The 19-year-old had already been insulted throughout the 2-0 Bianconeri victory at the Sardegna Arena on Tuesday evening.

When he scored at the 85th minute, he stood arms outstretched in front of the ultras behind the net, sparking even more furious and openly racist abuse from the stands.


The best way to respond to racism #notoracism

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Teammate Leonardo Bonucci sparked controversy by telling Sky Sport Italia straight after the final whistle that Kean had provoked the fans.

“Kean knows that when he scores a goal, he has to focus on celebrating with his teammates. He knows he could’ve done something differently too,” Bonucci told Sky Sport Italia.

“There were racist jeers after the goal, Blaise heard it and was angered. I think the blame is 50-50, because Moise shouldn’t have done that and the Curva should not have reacted that way.

“We are professionals, we have to set the example and not provoke anyone.”

It seems as if Bonucci and Kean do not agree.