Wednesday April 3 2019
'Kean didn't provoke Cagliari fans'

Moise Kean’s father has asserted that ‘I didn’t see any kind of provocation’ from the Juventus striker after he was racially abused.

Kean received insults from Cagliari fans throughout Tuesday’s game at the Sardegna Arena, and the chanting clearly became of a racist nature after he celebrated his goal in front of them.

Leonardo Bonucci controversially suggested the 19-year-old was partly to blame, but Biorou Jean made it clear his son had nothing to repent for.

“The gesture towards my son last night was very ugly,” he told Radio CRC.

“Every lad is the same and every player has their own way to celebrate after scoring a goal.

“I didn’t see any kind of provocation from my son on the field. When he scores, he always dances in front of the fans. These people are ignorant.

“Football is fun. My son is very calm and I advised him not to take note of the things that were happening to him.

“As for politics, I support Salvini as my leader. When I hear Salvini say ‘help them at home’, I don’t think it’s a bad thing because it’s the truth.

“I arrived in Italy and learned all about rice and corn, from harvesting to processing, but I’d have rather done it in my own country.

“When I said I was black on the surface and white in my blood, it was a joke to show my loyalty to Juventus.“

Kean Sr was then asked about where else he would like his son to play.

“Moise’s home is at Juventus, but it’d be nice if went to Napoli on loan because I like their style of play, but after that he should go back to Juventus.

“Racism must no longer exist. As people we still need to develop mentally and in terms of behaviour.”

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