Tuesday April 9 2019
Pioli open letter to Fiorentina fans

Stefano Pioli has written an open letter to Fiorentina fans explaining his resignation. “With heavy heart, I am forced to leave because my professional and above all human capabilities were questioned.”

The Coach walked away after feeling the club no longer had faith in him, following a series of poor results culminating in Sunday’s 1-0 home defeat to Frosinone.

His open letter to the supporters inevitably touched on the sudden death of captain Davide Astori in March 2018 and dealing with the aftermath of that tragedy.

“From June 7 2017, the day of my presentation and the start of my new Viola journey, up until today, I have always been accompanied by the pride and optimism of being at the centre of this project,” wrote Pioli.

“A new medium-to-long-term project, born after a radical reconstruction, both technical and human and based on young players, that has always seen me leading the way in terms of confidence, optimism and ambition.

“With these lads, in our two seasons together, we rejoiced and suffered together with equal intensity, all (players and the important people who surround them) overcoming obstacles that in certain ways seemed impossible to get past.

“These experiences united us and made us grow even more first as people and then professionals. We all looked to the same direction with strength, Florence understood that and united around us, returning to fill the stands and cheer us on. Because it is together that we are stronger.

“I have always taken on my responsibility for choices, strategies, performances and results. I always guaranteed in my work professionalism, focus, respect and the utmost effort with the only scope of improving the human and technical resources at my disposal.

“With heavy heart, today I see myself forced to leave, resigning because my professional and above all human capabilities were questioned.

“I leave a group of exceptional lads who have seen tangible growth in professional and market terms, not to mention a squad that has the opportunity to achieve something extraordinary by playing the Coppa Italia semi-final.

“Following this choice, which is painful for me, I wish to thank with my heart those who experienced the journey with me, starting from my players, lads who I am and will remain very fond of and who never held back.

“I thank the people who work close to the team, who make it possible to do our daily work in a professional matter.

“My thanks to the city of Florence and the Fiorentina fans. A special bond has been created that I will always carry with me, because adventures may end, but emotions remain strong and present in all of us.”