Monday April 22 2019
Inter ultras attack Icardi again

Inter ultras have followed up their attack on Mauro Icardi by branding the striker a ‘little man’

The Curva Nord already made it clear that they did not want Icardi to play for Inter again after his six-week exile from the squad, and they have since hit back with another statement.

A Facebook post read: “The little man who wears our No 9 shirt doesn’t deserve Inter because he hasn’t shown even the minimum amount of professional integrity that any employee should show, expressing respect for the shirt and fans who believe in them or at least the club they play for.

“We’re asked if what’s been happening in our stands could happen in other European Leagues, but the question we ask ourselves is, have you ever seen players in other Leagues fake injuries, refuse to play, grin during defeats and be out for months, before imposing their return through lawyers?”