Monday April 29 2019
'Mertens wants to outdo Hamsik'

Dries Mertens’ father has confirmed that the forward wants to not only stay at Napoli but also ‘surpass’ Marek Hamsik.

Mertens matched Diego Maradona’s goal tally of 81 for Napoli during their 2-0 win against Frosinone on Sunday, and Herman was ‘honoured’ to see his son make history for the Partenopei.

“In Naples the fans are unhappy about the season, but the big gap with Juventus was also a burden,” he told Radio CRC.

“There’s certainly regret for how we exited the Champions League and Europa League against Arsenal, but the first leg affected the return leg.

“I think Dries’ record is important and I’m honoured that he’s matched Maradona. He’s back in Belgium, so I’ll see him tonight and we’ll talk then.”

The Belgian turns 32 next month and has just a year left on his contract, but he is just 41 goals away from breaking Hamsik’s scoring record at the San Paolo.

“Ancelotti has a good relationship with Dries. I hope Dries can stay in Azzurro for at least another season.

“Right now, he has a big objective: to surpass Hamsik and leave a mark on the club’s history.”