Saturday May 11 2019
Pochettino or Deschamps for Juve?

Mauricio Pochettino confirmed he could leave Tottenham Hotspur amid reports he wants a €20m contract to join Juventus, but Didier Deschamps is another candidate.

Rumours are growing that Max Allegri and Juve President Andrea Agnelli will decide to part company this summer after five years together.

According to Sky Sport Italia and Tuttosport, the most likely option is current France manager Deschamps, as Antonio Conte is heading towards Inter.

Another candidate rapidly rising the ranks is Pochettino, especially after he again hinted at a possible exit from Tottenham Hotspur.

The Corriere dello Sport claims he requested personal terms that would net him €20m.

The Argentine took Spurs to the Champions League Final against Liverpool on June 1 by eliminating Ajax with an extraordinary comeback.

However, after an entire season with no signings or sales, Pochettino is inevitably aiming higher.

“I am not open to start a new chapter with no plan, no clear idea and not being transparent,” said the Spurs boss in his Press conference.

“I know very well how this business works. And we know we need to operate in a different way - that doesn't mean to spend more or less money.

“But if we expect every season to be in the final of the Champions League, we need to create a plan. And the plan maybe is different to what has happened in the last five years.

“If we believe that if we operate in the same way that we have operated in the last five years we are going to be every season in the final of the Champions League, and in the top four and competing against projects like Liverpool or Manchester City or Manchester United, I think we are very naive.

“If you want to expect the same from Liverpool, from Manchester City or Manchester United and Chelsea, and you put the same expectation on Tottenham, give me different tools to work.

“If not, I see the people working in the same way, in the future I'm going to be this guy. I am the most stupid person to work.”

When Spurs played Juventus in the Champions League last year, he revealed his “family came from Italy, from Turin. My surname is from Italy.

“It’s a city and a club I’ve always wanted to play and it’s now fantastic to be going to the city of Turin to play against Juventus.”