Saturday May 11 2019
Della Valle: 'Nobody wants Fiorentina!'

Fiorentina patron Diego Della Valle wrote a furious open letter to fans, claiming “not even the village idiot wants to buy the club. So bring achievable ideas. Show us what you can do.”

Viola ultras are hosting a flashmob protest this afternoon outside the Della Valle family store in Florence and will continue their dissent in tonight’s Serie A match against Milan.

While Andrea Della Valle is often present at the Stadio Franchi, his brother Diego is rarely seen in the city and expressed his anger via La Nazione newspaper.

“I don’t know how my brother is able to hold back, but it’s his love for Fiorentina that over all these years has been his passion. I, on the other hand, do not accept an absurd situation that has been wilfully overblown by those who want to destroy everything.

“Those who create this hostile and violent atmosphere wants to breed chaos and confusion without proposing any serious or realistic ideas. They cowardly act anonymously or protest with groups to shamefully insult us or make demands without any concrete proposals.

“Now I am the one who wants some precise and concrete answers from you. Those who scream that we ought to leave have forgotten we put the club up for sale, but nobody turned up, not even the village idiot.

“Are you ready to take on the cost of running a football club? Or shall we continue just hearing insults? You keep shouting we can’t be a selling club, but look at the balance sheets and read the numbers before opening your mouths. My family pumped hundreds of millions of Euro so far to build a team that could entertain and for many years we achieved that.

“You shout about profits, us being stingy, scheming brothers… what film are you watching? Wake up.”

Della Valle warned not only are there no potential buyers for Fiorentina, but that anyone interested would be put off by the antics of the ultras.

“If someone is looking for a liar to lead the way, then they’re wasting their time with us. As far as I am concerned, I want nothing more to do with those who offended me and my family.

“Wait one minute after the season has ended and there will be many things we want to face with a civilised approach, but with absolute clarity, determination and awareness of what we are doing.

“At that point, we need serious proposals, concrete ideas that are clear and achievable. It’s not enough just to hang banners up overnight, insult people from the blanket of anonymity or scream abuse within a crowd.

“Now is the time to take responsibility, the way we always have done. You created this enormous chaos, now you deal with it. Show us what you can do.”

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