Tuesday May 14 2019
Matuidi: Hope Allegri stays

Blaise Matuidi says he ‘hopes’ Max Allegri will remain Juventus’ Coach and that ‘I’m staying 100 percent’.

Allegri’s future is set to be decided at a meeting with Juve President Andrea Agnelli on Wednesday, while Matuidi’s contract has only a year left to run.

“We had a good first half against Roma and needed to score,” the Frenchman told La Stampa.

“Allegri’s done a great job here and I hope he stays: he’s shown great quality and he’s a great Coach.

“We have to think about playing and having a good game on Sunday night at the Stadium against Atalanta to celebrate the Scudetto.

“We’d like to give a good impression of ourselves because we have to finish well so we can celebrate the Scudetto in front of our fans.

“I’m happy at Juve, I feel at home and I have no problems. I’m staying 100 percent and Raiola will take care of my renewal: he knows more than anyone.

The 32-year-old was then asked about a possible return for Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba.

“All great players are welcome here: I wish him the best and hope he makes the right decision,” he concluded.

“Only he knows his situation and knows how good he really is.”