Monday May 20 2019
ADL: Juve always 'helped'

Aurelio De Laurentiis has called for a sense of perspective among Napoli fans because ‘Juventus have always been helped, they’re the rulers of Italy.’

Napoli finished second in Serie A for the second season running, and De Laurentiis lauded his club’s achievement in spite of Juve’s far-greater access to resources.

“Napoli fans want us to beat Juventus, but they’ve always been helped because they’re the rulers of Italy,” he told Radio Kiss Kiss.

“I appreciate the fans, but I don’t share their thoughts: for them we must get into debt by signing Icardi and Messi.

“We don’t have the same resources as Juventus and the city of Naples doesn’t have the resources of Turin.

“They make €5m in gate receipts against Ajax with 35,000 seats, while we make €2m with 40,000.

“You need to have balls and brains to do certain things. I appreciate the fans and it’s right that they reason in their own way, but I don’t share their way of thinking: for them we must get into debt by buying Icardi, Messi and so on.

“We have 40m real fans and we still have to explore the East, Middle East and Australia: one day we’ll have 80m, which is nothing to do with the 300 going against us in Curva A and B.

“The city of Naples, among other things, doesn’t benefit from extraordinary publicity and it’s not easy to convince the wives and families of the players.

“We need to address our attack and the full-back positions: when we’ve completed this work, we’ll have filled an extra gap.

“We know we have many good players and that Ancelotti has also worked so hard for the Napoli of today and next season.

“He’s been continually compared with the previous management, which is wrong. Among other things we finished second, 13 points ahead of Inter, only second to Juventus.

“It ‘s useless to have truckloads of spaghetti to make 400g of pasta: we’re doing so much with much less.”