Monday May 20 2019
Rizzoli: 'VAR enhances credibility'

Referee designator Nicola Rizzoli thought it was a good season for Serie A officials. “The credibility of the beautiful game can be enhanced by technology.”

The 47-year-old former ref spoke at the Italian Football Hall of Fame Awards being held in Florence.

“We are working with both the league and the AIA (Italian Referee Association) to try and make VAR as clear and transparent as possible.

“Our goal is to create better communication and we are starting to implement that at Coverciano, where we get our officials up to speed. The credibility of the beautiful game can be enhanced by technology.

“Debate is good if it's constructive, and it usually leads to better results. We do need to improve, but I think it was a positive year and we gained a lot of experience by making a lot of difficult decisions in what was a tough championship.

“It was a season full of incidents on the field and we got a lot right, although we can still do better.”

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