Tuesday May 21 2019
Parolo: Lazio should emulate Napoli

Marco Parolo has urged Lazio to emulate Napoli and insisted that ‘our cycle goes on’ with Simone Inzaghi.

Lazio failed to qualify for the Champions League but won the Coppa Italia, thereby securing another season of Europa League football. 

“We’ve ended the season by again showing who we are, qualifying for the Europa League and winning the Coppa Italia,” Parolo said after Monday’s 3-3 draw with Bologna.

“However, we had a chance of making the Champions League. We tried to get ahead in all the competitions we were in, and that maybe took away some energy.

“We’ll also try to do the same next season and do even better. We played every minute with experience and youth.

“We must maintain this positive cycle we’re in. We had the chance to win four trophies and we brought home two.

“If we succeed in closing these steps, it means we’re growing. Look at Napoli, who have stabilised themselves over the years.

“If we succeed in having a mentality and a path to follow, we’ll be able to do that. We’re only missing a step, which we’re going to look for.”

Inzaghi has been linked with replacing Max Allegri at Juventus, so what does the midfielder think?

“For us, Inzaghi is our Coach and our cycle goes on with him.”