Wednesday May 22 2019
Roma protest hits American papers

The protests from Roma fans against President James Pallotta have hit the headlines in Boston after the family restaurant was targeted.

The decision not to offer club icon Daniele De Rossi a new contract infuriated the ultras, who were already unhappy with Pallotta’s approach to the transfer market and sale of top stars.

These protests have now spread all over the world, with banners appearing in support of De Rossi and criticising Pallotta in England, America, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and even Australia.

However, the tactic that really caught the eye of American media was the targeting of several Facebook pages based in Boston, including that of a restaurant run by Pallotta’s sisters.

“Thousands of Facebook comments directed at Pallotta have peppered Boston pages for much of the past week. As passionate as Boston sports fans are, their Roman counterparts have taken things to the next level,” it read in the Boston Globe.

It is not entirely new as an approach, because Milan supporters bombarded a cake shop run by goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma’s family with fake negative reviews when he seemed to be pushing for a transfer.