Thursday May 23 2019
Giampaolo: Can't stand losing

Marco Giampaolo has warned Sampdoria that ‘I can’t stand losing anymore, I feel like killing someone when I’m beaten.’

Another midtable finish for Samp has fuelled speculation that Giampaolo could move on this summer, and he made it clear he was ready to coach at a higher level.

“I’ve not made a decision yet and I haven’t received any offers from other clubs,” the 51-year-old told Corriere dello Sport.

“I look forward to meeting President Ferrero and talking to him. I don’t have a strategy for this meeting. Zero.

“We’ll assess the work we’ve done in our three seasons together, what can be done and where can we get to.

“I can’t stand losing anymore. For me, every defeat has become a rupture and I feel like killing someone when I’m beaten.

“[Giovanni] Galeone once told me: ‘It’s better drown in the ocean than in a glass of water.’ He was right: great players improve coaching ideas and make those ideas great.

“It’s not definite that I’ll leave Sampdoria. I have respect for the club and in these three years we’ve enjoyed some satisfaction, beating all the best teams except for Lazio.

“When you beat Juventus, Napoli, Milan, Inter and Roma, it means you’ve worked well, that you’ve grown.

“We knew and we know we’re not at the level of those clubs, but we don’t go into games against them already beaten.

“That alone is important. In addition we’ve improved many players the club have invested in and we have beautiful structures that management has provided us with.”

The former Empoli boss was then asked about his philosophy as a Coach.

“It’s very simple: results come through the beautiful game. And do you know why? It’s harder to get a good result if you play badly.

“For me it’s not a choice, but a forced path to try to express a certain type of football. I know well that quality is needed, otherwise you have to set yourself up in a different way.”