Friday May 24 2019
City suspicious over Pep talk

Manchester City have expressed their suspicion after Juventus’ share price shot up following reports Pep Guardiola would take over.

City board member Alberto Galassi had already dismissed the speculation as ‘codswallop’ on Thursday, and he returned on Italian radio to the suggest there was a deliberate motive behind the rumours.

“I don’t speak for myself, but on behalf of the club,” he told Tutti Convocati.

“There’s no will on Guardiola’s part of going to Juventus and there are two years left on his contract.

“It would be ridiculous if Manchester City weren’t aware of plans for Juve to unveil Guardiola.

“This story would be ridiculous, except that one of the two clubs are listed on the stock exchange.

“I congratulate Juventus on how they’re managed. I’m also a friend of Nedved, but in this case, someone’s speculating.

“I’d say to Juventus fans that not all dreams are destined to come true, and Guardiola in Bianconero this summer is one of them.

“I was asked to take an official position and I did. I smile about these things, but today, with this statement, we won’t go into it any further.

“Guardiola’s annoyed because no-one believes him. He’s a serious person, he doesn’t like not being believed when he talks.

“We respect Juventus and we’ll see who their next Coach is. Let’s say on the day that’s being talked about so much, I wouldn’t go to Turin to watch Guardiola’s presentation.

“It’s better if I went out with a beautiful girl or went to the beach...”