Monday May 27 2019
Immobile: Inzaghi leaving would hurt

Lazio striker Ciro Immobile is happy with his goal return this season but admits he ‘would be hurt’ if Coach Simone Inzaghi left the club.

Lazio lost 3-1 to Torino on Sunday afternoon, which made it two games without a victory since they beat Atalanta to lift the Coppa Italia.

Immobile ended his campaign with 19 goals, while Inzaghi has been linked with taking over at Juventus and Milan.

“We’ve been distracted since winning the Coppa Italia. It’s not nice to end the season with a defeat,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

“We weren’t able to qualify for the Champions League, but at least we reached the Europe League.

“I’m pleased that everyone expects more from me. It means they think I can do better.

“However, I still managed to score 20 times this season between League and cup. It may not be as good as last year’s tally, but I’m happy on both a personal and team level.

“You can't turn your nose up to 20 goals a season. I’d sign on the dotted line right now if it meant I’d be guaranteed to score 15-20 goals every year.

“I have a special bond with Coach Simone Inzaghi and it would hurt me if he left, but I can’t say anything about him joining Juventus.

“Lazio are like a family and, of course, we’d like to continue being coached by him, but he and the clubs must make their own decisions.

“However, if he does leave, he can do it on good terms just like Max Allegri did.”

The 29-year-old has failed to score in his last 10 matches for Italy ahead of their Euro 2020 qualifiers against Bosnia-Herzegovina and Greece...

“I’m looking forward to meeting with CT Mancini and I’ll respect his choice if he decides to not select me. It bothers me that people talk about me having a bad relationship with him.

“There’s no problem between us and when he has the opportunity to play me, he does. I have gone through dry patches, but I know how to sacrifice myself for the good of the Italian national team.”